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Sport Premium

P.E and Sport Premium

This funding stream has allowed RFHCS to improve the quality and availability of equipment and enabled trained staff to develop a better delivery model for sport sessions, as well as promote recreational participation in physical activity as a tool for physical, social and psychological wellbeing.

Towards the end of the 2015-16 academic year the government announced they would be extending their sports premium beyond the initial 3 years. As such we will look to using their funding to continue to tackle inactivity, promote healthy living, and allow increased and improved access to sporting opportunities.

Year to year the school has ongoing key objectives of; 

- Ensure all pupils equal access to participate in physical activity whilst at the RFHCS – to target spending across all areas of the school’s work
- Improve staff confidence and expertise in the delivery of sports and physical activity through, supported delivery, resource provision and our Outdoor Activity Week
- Continue to promote physical activity as a tool for holistic well-being; linked with our Gold Healthy Schools Award 
- Continue to promote movement, music and drama therapy approaches as a tool for holistic well being
- Develop the use of purchased equipment through imaginative activities that continue to promote opportunities and inclusive sport.

-Develop greater opportunity for competitive games within the school 

In 2023/24 the school received an allocation of £11,992

The evaluation for 2023/24 is attached below