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Remote Learning

In the event of the school closure or where young people are unable to access live provision lessons can now be accessed via our Google Classroom. Our initial experience of the first lockdown in March 2020 prompted the school to invest time and expertise into this technology, which means lessons can be live streamed through videos, online resources and assignments set using this platform. This applies to all lessons including both Collective and Tutorial Times, run by personal tutors.

All pupils are entirely familiar with using the Google Classroom as it has been used extensively throughout by a number of teachers, and will now be used by all. The timetable for all lessons can be accessed through the Google Calendar after logging in using the same pupil email and passwords issued last term. Assignments will be issued using the classroom stream and assignments will be issued and returned using the assignment feature with regular feedback for all work that is issued. Some of the assignments set will be regular worksheets attached to the stream, but some will be linked to specific assignments set through an additional platform linked to the stream called Seneca Learning. This will be used for both assessment and learning. 

The school has also developed a completely remote programme 'LinkEDup' to help address emotionally based school avoidance - 

•The sessions take place on a 2 week timetable aimed at helping young people come to terms with their anxieties about returning to school, and seek re-engage them by establishing links with staff from their own school. Pupils are referred by their home school. 
•The activities during the three weeks include drama therapy, discussions, P4C, circle time and group tutor sessions, along with Art, Music and an introduction to self help for anxiety through our website