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"The school provides an exceptional quality of education for pupils. Pupils are well supported to manage their medical conditions and to focus on learning and achieving their best. Some pupils overcome considerable gaps in their education and study successfully for a range of GCSEs and other qualifications. Almost all pupils rejoin their main school or go on to college at the end of Year 11.
Expert subject leaders develop a curriculum that is well structured and organised. For example, teachers used primary-aged pupils’ interest in dinosaurs as a context for teaching about the formation of fossils, and to develop an understanding of time. In Years 10 and 11, pupils study well beyond examination requirements. For example, they study a wide range of literature and poetry from different cultures in English. Subject leaders are creative. They design and produce high-quality
resources for pupils."
 OFSTED 2019

"New strategies put in place by the headteacher to check and track the pupils’ performance have proved very successful. Pupils achieve consistently well because any dip in their performance is quickly identified and intensive support provided." OFSTED 2015

At The Royal Free Hospital Children’s School there is an emphasis on care, safety, health and an enjoyment of learning. We provide children with purposeful educational opportunities using a wide range of resources  and offer pupils individually focused one-to-one or small group teaching.