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Camden Mental Health Learning Hub

Since September 2017 RFHCS has been proud to lead a new cross-phase learning hub for mental health alongside Parliament Hill and Christchurch Primary.

The main purpose of this Hub is to share knowledge and understanding of mental health issues through dialogue and problem solving, building confidence in dealing with pupils experiencing mental health issues.

We produced four ‘tangible products’ to share from our project work by the end of 2017/18, each one designed to have a positive and practical impact on pupil or staff mental health/well-being:

  • Development of thinking cards adapted for use with primary age pupils to start and develop conversations about children’s feeling and ‘helpful and unhelpful thoughts’. We aim to have prototype sets printed and trialled in three schools by the end of the summer term, ready to share with all Camden primary schools.
  • Production of PSHE lesson plan and resources for secondary schools to use to introduce thinking cards to secondary pupils.
  • Production of thinking cards A3 posters for use in schools and eductaional settings
  • Production of a staff well-being audit/questionnaire to help schools (and the hub) to identify staff well-being issues.

We plan to share these resources/products with other schools at the Summer term SENDCo conference as well as at the Hub Networking Event.

In 2018/19 there was a new focus on the impact of 'Sleep' as well as development of a new 'Thinking Cards' set for primary age children. Resources are attached below - please let us know if you use them.

In 2019/20 we aimed to; 

•Develop site and related app
•Trial primary thinking cards in schools
•Develop cross-phase resources on approaches to managing anxiety
Slides from 2019/20 sharing event are attached below.