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Coronavirus Update

Following the government announcement and due to restrictions in space and need to mitigate risk to all we are largely moving to remote learning across all sites from Wed January 6th.

Personal tutors will then be reviewing provision for individual pupils (including our most vulnerable) this week 

Although the school sites will mainly be closed, lessons will continue as scheduled and can be accessed via the Google Classroom. Our initial experience of the first lockdown in March prompted the school to invest time and expertise into this technology, which means lessons will be live streamed through videos, online resources and assignments set using this platform. This applies to all lessons including both Collective and Tutorial Times, run by personal tutors, which in the first week will be focusing on Sixth Form and College applications and preparation for mock examinations, beginning in two weeks. For those pupils expecting to take examinations this summer, it is worth bearing in mind that there is a strong possibility that performance during these mock exams could well be used as evidence to make predicted grades from which actual GCSE grades will be generated. It is therefore recommended these mock examinations are taken very seriously. Teachers will be providing learning lists of content so revision is restricted to work that has been covered in the Autumn Term.

All pupils are familiar with using the Google Classroom as it was extensively used throughout by a number of teachers, and will now be used by all. The timetable for all lessons can be accessed through the Google Calendar after logging in using the same pupil email and passwords issued last term. Assignments will be issued using the classroom stream and assignments will be issued and returned using the assignment feature with regular feedback for all work that is issued. Some of the assignments set will be regular worksheets attached to the stream, but some will be linked to specific assignments set through an additional platform linked to the stream called Seneca Learning. This will be used for both assessment and learning.

In terms of attendance, all pupils are expected to participate as normal and calls and registers will continue on a daily basis

The Royal Free Hospital children's wards remain closed and we have limited access to our main office. Please use to contact the school. Calls to the main school number are now being redirected and as a result we may take a little longer to respond than usual. 

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