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Reintegration and Transition Support

"Longer-stay pupils who remain at the school for, at times, several months, or even a year, make good progress in each subject, particularly English and mathematics. This enables pupils in both Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 to return successfully to their mainstream schools."

"Partnerships with parents, pupils' home-schools and other professionals are outstanding, and make a great contribution to the effectiveness of teaching and learning."


The school offers children a positive and safe place to learn at difficult times in their life. The school tries to plan as carefully as possible for transition.

Some children, who have been inpatients, may be ready to return home but unable to return to school. In such situations we can link with alternative education services, such as Medical Needs Outreach.

“Staff, through their very strong links with the medical team and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service, ensure that excellent attention is given to the emotional well-being of all students”.


Teachers at our school have specialised knowledge and experience in educating children with health problems.

We recognise that our school has a role to play in supporting colleagues in mainstream schools and try to ensure that the service we provide is widely understood by professionals and other agencies

Many children happily return to their own school but for some, this can be daunting. When a pupil is ready to return to a mainstream setting, we meet with their teachers to discuss any medical and psychological issues facing the pupil and the impact these may have in the classroom.

We also offer advice over the telephone, and visits, to teachers who contact us about a child in their school with a complex health problem that requires special support and understanding.

We support a programmes of training to help teachers in mainstream schools understand the prejudice children and adults with medical needs and mental health problems can face in wider society.