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Paths is a re-engagement programme for students with complex educational needs who are disconnected from the education system. It is a new initiative, a work in progress.


Our aim is to:

  • Engage disengaged students.
  • Work with families to include them in the re-engagement process.
  • Reduce student isolation.
  • Work with the wider educational system and professional networks to identify students with SEMH needs who are not engaging in education.
  • Assess students’ needs as to remove barriers to learning.
  • Deliver a bespoke curriculum to students within a manageable timetable.
  • Offer a therapeutic component.
  • Work collegiately with other professionals to devise creative solutions to educational disengagement.


At Paths we:

  • Spend time getting to know our students and their needs. Reintegration is paced appropriately.
  • Deliver a tailor-made curriculum for each student which is carefully planned within the context of the wider school offer. Progress is reviewed regularly.
  • Work at a pace that students can cope with.
  • Offer accreditation and qualifications as appropriate.
  • Attend the School Inclusion Panel.
  • Offer equine therapy, drama therapy and music.
  • Pursue educational assessments as necessary.
  • Work co-operatively with other professionals to ensure the best outcomes for our students.
  • Recognise progress no matter how small.


  • Students become unstuck. They leave their homes, enter the wider world and engage with learning.
  • Students and their families are less anxious about education. They move on and make plans for the future.
  • Student emotional wellbeing improves.

PLEASE NOTE: Admission for this programme is generally by SEN Consultation only