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The National Association for Hospital Education is a new organisation who launched with our first national conference in Leicester in October 2018


To bring together educational professionals from a wide range of medical needs settings to form one organisation to ‘unify our voice’


To raise the standards of education for children and young people who are temporarily or permanently disadvantaged by illness or other medical or mental health conditions. To influence government policy to inform and provide effective practice

To actively promote our children and young people's entitlement to high quality educational opportunities. To undertake research into ‘best practice’ for teaching in our sector.

To work collaboratively in order to secure outstanding standards of education for the children and young people we support through professional development and self-improvement. To liaise with key partners such as the Department for Education and Ofsted and provide appropriate guidance and support for colleagues.

To provide bespoke continuing professional learning opportunities for people who work within the sector and to broker appropriate peer to peer support.


We believe that all children have a right to education regardless of medical or mental health challenges and recognise the benefit of enabling pupils to reach their educational potential and preparing them for adult life, both intellectually and emotionally. We aspire to ensure that educational disadvantage is minimised by providing pupils every opportunity to achieve their potential, regardless of circumstance.