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My Cognition

MyCognition is a science-based company dedicated to understanding and improving cognitive health. We research, develop and create products that measure and enhance cognitive function, for use in the education, business and healthcare sectors.  By taking a visionary, research-based and customer-focused approach, we aim to be a worldwide pioneer and respected scientific leader in optimising cognitive potential.

MyCQ™ is MyCognition’s cognitive assessment tool used to measure the 5 key domains of cognition:

  • Executive function (planning & strategy)
  • Working memory (calculating & problem solving)
  • Episodic memory (memory)
  • Attention (concentration)
  • Processing speed (speed & accuracy)
  • It provides quantified data of cognitive strengths and weaknesses.

MyCQ™ is validated in clinical trials and draws on 200 years of psychological research. We have taken the following reliable tests and made them accessible via iPad, or Windows and Mac web browsers. No special training is required and you can administer the assessment for yourself, or others.

  1. Take the baseline test at :
  2. Click on “achieve” then log on username: Jbloggs and Password: RoyalFree16
  3. Complete the Aqua Snap Achieve for at least 60 minutes a week. Each game lasts 15mins. Do not do Aqua Snap Unique unless you are told to.
  4. Try to do a 15min session a day
  5. After 4 weeks of training complete the 1st assessment to measure progress
  6. Continue 15min/day daily training for a further 4 weeks
  7. Take the 2nd assessment at week 8