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Mission Statement

"Relationships are outstanding because the pupils know that adults support them as well as they can and have a deep interest in their progress. Each pupil is confident that they are recognised and valued as an individual. As a result, their behaviour is excellent at all times."

"Adults have high expectations of the pupils in both their academic achievement and personal skills."



  • To inspire a love of learning and to sustain pupil progress
  • To create a community of children and try to normalise everyday life.
  • To offer tailored support and intervention to reduce the risk of a decline in pupil self-confidence and educational achievement
  • To work collaboratively with parents, carers and other agencies to improve the overall wellbeing of children and young people
  • To enable pupils with medical and mental health needs to be confident, happy, satisfied members of society.
  • To support reintegration back to mainstream education or employment, as appropriate


  • To create a happy, secure and supportive learning environment, rich in creativity and challenge
  • To place the child’s voice at the centre of education, health and care planning
  • To offer every pupil full and equal access to all areas of the curriculum, taking into account health or developmental needs through personalised learning programmes
  • To help each pupil achieve the greatest possible degree of independence
  • To prepare each pupil for life beyond school, encouraging a sense of self-worth and recognition of themselves as part of the community.
  • To integrate therapies with curriculum activities where appropriate.
  • To value all adults’ and pupils’ contributions to the school’s progress, and celebrate success and achievement.
  • To build self-confidence, resilience and respect for self and others.
  • To ensure all adults access appropriate specialist training and encourage development to support young people and reach their full potential.