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Medical Needs Outreach

The Outreach Tuition Service is informed by medical advice. Tuition is intended to be a short-term, interim provision (2 terms) for students with medical needs. It should not be used as an Alternative Provision nor regarded as a long term solution for a child’s education.

Where medical advice does not recommend home tuition, or in cases where children and young people do not engage with medical services, the Outreach Tuition Service will not offer lessons, or may withdraw the intervention pending further advice.

In addition, where a child or young person does not engage appropriately with the offered service, home tuition may be withdrawn.


The service works in partnership with the pupil, parents/carers, medical health professionals and the named person in the school to provide a high quality core education for children with medical health needs.

"– what ------ did well was coaching .........and gently bringing out of him what it was that he wanted for himself.  He provided a range of information about what he could go on to do, introducing us to courses and colleges that I had not been able to find out about through my own research." Year 11 Transition  Parent feedback 

The Service aims to provide education, where the child’s health needs allow, focusing on English, Maths and Science. This is provided through a balanced combination of 1:1 teaching,  homework and remote learning.

Our tuition service offers four pathways of referral to Support Children and Young People with Health Needs.


These include:

  • Teaching 1:1 in a public space ( local library)
  • Home tuition (learning in the home)
  • The Thomas Group (small group teaching with other peers)
  • Teaching in the home school ( working in partnership with the school)

As a registered exam centre, students in Year 11 have the opportunity to take GCSE and Functional Skills exams at the Royal Free Hospital Children’s school.

Special access arrangements are made to support the individual needs of students during the exam period. This is with an aim to alleviate and manage any anxieties whilst providing the best outcomes for the young person


Camden School Inclusion follows the pathways indicated below in order to ensure clarity and fairness of procedures. Within these pathways, all children and young people with health needs will receive consideration and appropriate support based on their individual requirements.

The criteria for tuition support are:

  • The pupil is a resident of Camden
  • The pupil is of compulsory school age
  • The pupil is (or due to be) temporarily absent because of medical reasons, including mental ill-health.

What happens next?

Attached in this email are three documents; Camden Student Passport, Psychological support plan and an Individual pupil risk assessment.

Camden’s Medical Needs panel is made up of staff from Royal Free Hospital School and School Inclusion Team. The panel will consider pupils with medical needs who need short term support to access education. The pupil can have either a physical or complex mental health difficulty. The pupil should be expected to be absent from school for a minimum of 3 weeks due to illness. The pupil must be under the supervision of a specialist medical consultant not a GP.
The panel can offer the Primary and Secondary pupils the following:
·        Short-Term Grants to support attendance at school
·        1:1 Tuition for those not able to attend school
The panel can also offer Secondary Age Pupils with complex mental health needs the following
·        Small group tuition for KS3 & KS4 Pupils at The Thomas Group
·        Full-Time provision for pupils with complex mental health needs at Key Stage 4.

Please complete these forms and return them to Dylan Buckle (