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Happy Beds

Happy Beds Launches Free Sleep Hygiene Teaching Resources for Kids

In partnership with Insomnia Clinic Therapist Kirsty Vant, Happy Beds has launched a range of teaching resources to help children learn about the importance of sleep.

Including a fun and informational video, a downloadable quiz and a lesson plan for teachers, the new learning materials delve into the importance of routine and how to sleep better, making the science behind sleep accessible for children.

The sleep resources have been introduced as part of a wider campaign to help people sleep better. The online retailer is raising awareness of sleep problems and educating those young and old about the importance of good sleep hygiene.

The brand has recently conducted research into  sleep during the COVID-19 lockdown, providing some useful tips for improving rest during these unprecedented times, as well as teaming up with the National Autistic Society to better understand the sleep requirements and issues that people on the spectrum have.

Sleep Therapist, Kirsty Vant, said:

“Helping kids understand sleep better is really important and these resources are designed to do just that. By building a better understanding of the importance of routine, we’re setting children (and parents) up for stress-free bedtimes and paving the way for a generation of better sleep.”

Access to the sleep hygiene teaching resources is free. The video and quiz are accessible online and downloadable versions of all resources are available too.