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Equality and Diversity

"Pupils from all backgrounds, including the pupils who speak English as an additional language, achieve well. There is no discrimination and every pupil has an equal opportunity to do as well as possible. There is a culture of high expectations for all pupils."


We support our children to -

  • Develop the confidence, self-respect, understanding and awareness of cultures, religions and values that fosters respect for each other
  • Reach the highest levels of achievement
  • Acquire the knowledge, competencies, experiences and skills which will enhance their life-chances
  • Gain the knowledge, understanding and independence of mind which is essential to overcoming prejudice and stereotyping
  • Challenge all prejudice we encounter including mental and physical health prejudice

We believe that -

  • Educational inclusion involves seeking to increase the participation of all children in, and reduce their exclusion from, the curriculum, community and cultures, of both our school and their mainstream school.
  • All forms of diversity offer rich resources to support learning
  • All children are entitled, whenever possible, to have access to a broad and balanced curriculum