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Diabetes Education Programme

A grant of £5000.00 was secured from The Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation. The money was used to fund 4 sessions of learning puppet and film making skills with the intention of producing a short film that could be used as an educational tool for other young children newly diagnosed with the condition.

After 4 sessions, there was a measurable improvement in both parent and children’s knowledge and confidence discussing the condition. The project had other benefits. The social aspect of the activities encouraged a strong bond to form between parents and children not possible in a  clinical setting. Parents and Children were rearranging their schedules to ensure they attended as many sessions as possible and happily shared experiences. For example, children were explaining insulin pump function to each other and parents were discussing the importance of control using convention means as a prerequisite before being offered a pump. The film is being used by The Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation as part of their promotional material and shown at the Royal Free Hospital to children newly diagnosed with Diabetes as an educational tool and ‘mythbuster’. The film was a delight to make and all parents and children were thrilled with the outcome and thoroughly enjoyed taking part.

The Diabetes Education Film (below) and Poster (attached below) have been accepted for presention at the British Society for Paediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes Annual Conference at Newcastle in November 2017.